Jun 25th, 2015

The SG Heart Map HomeScapes Photography Exhibition was launched by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong on 21 June 2015. The exhibition is held at the void deck of Blk 99 Old Airport Rd and will be on till 5 July 2015. At the launch with ESM Goh was Minister Grace Fu, Co-Chair of SG50 Environment & Infrastructure Committee and Grassroots Adviser Mr Lim Biow Chuan. 

The SG Heart Map HomeScapes Photography Exhibition is part of SG Heart Map’s efforts in engaging Singaporeans to create new shared experiences of places in Singapore. These efforts include the co-creation of art forms to showcase the contribution of personal stories on places to SG Heart Map. 



Some 500 residents of Blk 99, community groups and students, turned up to create a one-of-a-kind "HEART@Home" Formation with placards. The formation of a heart embodied the theme of SG Heart Map “Home is where the Heart is”.





Ms Gwen Lee (Director of the Singapore International Photography Festival), working with photographers – Ang Song Nian, Bob Lee, Darren Soh, George Wong and Robert Zhao, put together this photography exhibition to explore the concept of HOME and what it means to Singaporeans.

At the exhibition, works of budding shutterbugs from Raffles Girls’ School Photographic Society, who have gone on a discovery journey in documenting their stories of HOME through the eyes of youth will also be presented.



A) Photographs by George Wong 
Photographs by Darren Soh 
Photographs by Ang Song Nian 
Photographs by Bob Lee 
Photographs by Robert Zhao 
Photographs by Raffles Girls’ School Photographic Society

Photographer: George Wong 
Series Title: Scenery

Scenery #1

“I take image of views from homes within Singapore. The view from the comfort and security of one's home is a personal space where home owners enjoy, and it is all the more meaningful given the rapidly changing landscape of Singapore. With this series, I hope to share with viewers a glimpse of the scenery that fellow Singaporeans enjoy in their daily life." – George Wong

Photographer: Darren Soh 
Series Title: Facades


Facades: Punggol Waterway Terraces

“HDB blocks dominate the suburban landscape today, with almost ten thousand blocks housing one million units. "Facades" is an ongoing project I embarked on a decade ago, to document the design of these blocks and how they have evolved in the fifty-five years since HDB was formed. Although the building facades seem mundane and repetitive, my images draw out the architectural and sociological details that make every block different. Captured with a formal and objective eye, the series records how HDB typologies have evolved over the years, as well as how people actually live in these environments and how individual personalities spill out into public spaces such as the common corridor. The result is a collective portrait of the orderly yet idiosyncratic spaces that the majority of Singaporeans call home." – Darren Soh

Photographer: Ang Song Nian 
Series Title: A Million Stories of Us

A Million Stories of Us #1

“A Million Stories Of Us is a generous sharing of the many memories of different homes and families through the study of display cabinets in the domestic space. These display cabinets are a curated display of personal memories, collections, life events, proud achievements and interesting stories that makes up the different fragments of every family member's growing up journey in this common space which they call their home.” – Ang Song Nian

Photographer: Bob Lee 
Series Title: Memory Blocks

Memory Blocks: Mrs Tay and family, Bukit Merah

“Memory Blocks is a visual manifestation of my curiosity towards HDB inhabitants, and my teenager’s past-time of looking out of my brother's HDB flat windows into the neighbours' kitchens. For me, this interlocking lattice of domestic life was a mesmerising display of human activity at different timings of the day. Since 2009, I have been photographing portraits of resident families. Composed within the living room, a common space where family members interact, the images constitute a form of social realism documenting the way we live and lived, in this rapidly transforming city-state.” – Bob Lee

Photographer: Robert Zhao 
Series Title: The Occupants

The Occupants: Bishan, Smooth-coated Otter

“Look closely at your living environment and you will see that you are not the sole occupant: Animals have also adapted well to living in urban areas, in close proximity to people. This series looks at some of the places that animals call home in Singapore, whether their haunt is an HDB concrete drain in Tanjong Katong or a fluorescent light in a void deck. A work about survival and adaptation, this series blurs the line between nature and wilderness in the built-up city-state, combining the familiar sights of city life with the mysterious lives of animals.” – Robert Zhao

Photographer: Chang Si Min Pearlyn 
Series Title: Wildlife in Singapore


“Unnoticed in the fast paced society we live in, these wildlife live behind the scenes in the forests and nature parks of Singapore. Though some are considered a hindrance in our daily lives, most are subjects of fascination. It is time to stop and appreciate these animals up close and personal.” – Chang Si Min Pearlyn

Photographer: Celine Chung 
Series Title: Generation Gap

Generation Gap: Chinatown

“My series aims to show the development of my home, Singapore through the years and how we have blossomed into a first¬world country as we celebrate SG50 as One People, One Nation, One Singapore. Through the contrast between old and new architecture, I hope to instill a sense of pride into Singapore citizens.” – Celine Chung

Photographer: Joie Liew 
Series Title: Home Through the Lens

Loyally guarding a house

“I, along with a large proportion of Singaporeans, wear glasses on a daily basis. Through our spectacle lenses, we see the world around us. Our glasses often become an integral part of us, as a constant presence. We are able to view sights in greater focus using spectacles. Thanks to my glasses, I can see my home through the lenses.” – Joie Liew


Visitors were invited to curate their own photo wall with images provided.



Be amazed, be delighted, be charmed. Be your own storyteller! Come forward and contribute to the SG Heart Map Photo Wall Mosaic! 


The residents and guests were treated to a slew of carnival games, fringe activities and workshops. Through these activities, a strong sense of family & community ties came alive. 



This exhibition is opened to the public for free from 22 June - 5 July 2015, 10am - 8pm at the void deck of Blk 99 Old Airport Rd, Singapore 390099

This exhibition is also a stopover of the SG Heart Map Tours for the South East District that will be conducted over the weekends of 27-28 June 2015 and 4-5 July 2015.