Apr 15th, 2015

SG Heart Map joined Singaporeans in Shanghai for the Singapore Day 2015 on 11 April.

Singaporeans living in Shanghai contributed stories about places in Singapore that were special to them. They also got to pin hearts to mark their favourite places on the giant SG Map.

Through SG Heart Map, Singaporeans overseas were able to reconnect with Singapore and rediscover the beautiful places at home, enjoy one another’s stories, and create shared memories.

Their contributions will be part of the collective map of places that defines Singapore as home for us.





" Sengkang is my favourite place as I have lived there for 10 years and it contains many memories of high school, elementary school, growing up and family. It is also a new district that's really clean, convenient and peaceful. :)"

by Claudia

Tekong Island

"All Singapore boys have to undergo National Service. Tekong for me is iconic because there are so many adventures and experiences gain that I can never get anywhere in the world! :)"

by Alif

Dempsey Road

"The place I remembered most was the haunted house near Dempsey Road. My friends and I used to go there and challenge each other to see who dares to go and touch the walls."

by Dave Low

Pulau Ubin

"We often make trips to Ubin to enjoy the nature and take a break from the hectic pace in the city. We even hope to retire there! :) My husband proposed to me there. it was a moment I will never forget."

by Lim Cai Rong

Singapore Botanic Gardens

"Botanical Gardens holds a special place in my heart because it used to be my hang-out place in between lessons when I was studying in NIE. I would often go alone to the café in the gardens reading, catching up on lecture notes or just enjoying the scenery. I remember the pair of swans in the pond where I would sometimes bring crumbs to feed. Now as a parent, with kid, I take my girl there whenever we are back home to enjoy special garden and family time together. "

by Lili

Padang, Singapore

"The Padang, to me is the epitomy of Singapore - a fusion of East & West, tradition & modernity. A wonderful place to play cricket, meet friends & enjoy hainanese chicken rice as the tourists amble by!"

by Gavin Laidlaw