House Rules

Just so we’re on the same page…

Hello and welcome to SG Heart Map! We’re really looking forward to hearing about the wonderful places that have made Singapore home for us. And as we celebrate these places, let’s work together to make this an inclusive and positive journey for everyone.

Let’s avoid any post or comment that would make the rest of us uncomfortable. That means you should not use this platform for discrimination or personal attacks - no threats or insults. And, this is not the place to advocate politics, post advertisements. Explicit content and vulgarities are a strict no-no too – we will have children reading these posts. Just be nice!

To help us along, do let us know if you come across anything that is deemed insensitive, irrelevant, or inappropriate.

Please note that discussions on the SG Heart Map Portal/Facebook page reflect the views of the participants, and not the opinion of SG Heart Map and the SG50 Programme Office.