What is SG HEART MAP about?

SG Heart Map is an SG50 Programme. It celebrates the places in Singapore that define home for us. Singaporeans will be involved in mapping 50 places in Singapore where our endearing and special moments have taken place. This project provides opportunities for Singaporeans to reflect and connect based on the special moments and shared memories of these places which define Singapore as home as well as articulate our dreams/aspirations for the future of our home. We will crowd-source for contributions on these endearing places and engage the community to co-create the content in the form of sketches, poetry, photographs and short films, etc. There will be celebrations and showcasing of the stories of these 50 endearing places and the aspirations for the future.

The engagement efforts will kick-start from Q4 2014 via a launch event and a series of activities conducted/held from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015. This will be followed by a suite of celebrations from Q2 2015 to Q4 2015, leading up to the grand finale.

What is the significance of SG Heart Map as an SG50 National (Signature) Programme to Singapore and Singaporeans?

The SG Heart Map presents an opportunity for Singaporeans to reflect, share and celebrate the places and moments that make Singapore our home, as we celebrate 50 years of nationhood. It also encourages Singaporeans to articulate their dreams and aspirations for the future.

Why should people contribute to SG Heart Map? How does the participation contribute to SG50 or Singapore?

It is the first-ever crowd-sourced map of the nation’s heart and memories that marks our 50 years together as one. It seeks to bring Singaporeans from all walks of life together through re-telling these shared moments, thereby connecting our hearts to this place we call home, and inspiring our aspirations for Singapore’s future.

Who can contribute? Will overseas Singaporeans be involved as well?

SG Heart Map aims to be inclusive, and we encourage Singapore residents and Singaporeans living abroad, to participate. Contributions and participation can also be via online platforms.

What is unique about SG Heart Map from other SG50 programmes?

As a ground-up and organic initiative, SG Heart Map is the first-ever crowd-sourced map of the nation’s heart and memories. SG Heart Map will only be possible with the participation and co-creation by Singaporeans.

How does SG Heart Map actively engage and involve the people?

There is a series of outreach programmes and events to engage and involve the people including roving vans around Singapore, contribution booths at community nodes and celebration events. Moreover, we are sure that the many public contributions and stories will inspire many others to participate in this initiative.

How does one participate in SG Heart Map?

The most direct way to participate in SG Heart Map is to share one’s personal stories of places in Singapore that have left an imprint in his or her life. Visit our web portal or fill in a SG Heart Map Contribution Card. The public can also join in the SG Heart Map activities and events happening throughout the year.

Why do you think it’s important at this stage of Singapore’s history?

We have gone through thick and thin as a nation, and these shared experiences are unique to us as one people. 50 years of nation building is an important milestone. This initiative will provide a platform for Singaporeans to celebrate what we hold dear in the living environment.