SG Heart Map

SG Heart Map Festival Showcase

Did you miss the art installations at the SG Heart Map Festival @ Float, or would like see them again? We have captured all of them here, so you can view these lovely pieces that were created from the stories of places in Singapore, by Singaporeans, again and again!

Wordplay! A Literary Playground

As we connect with one another through special moments and shared memories of our favourite places, we reflect on the games we played and loved as a child. Generations of Singaporeans hold recollections of the activities they did such as hide and seek, swings, lanterns, kite-flying and picking saga seeds. Led by Kenny Leck, Wordplay! A Literary Playground featured 20 literary art works in the form of prose and poetry written by a team of 10 established local writers.

50 First Kisses

Directed by Royston Tan, "50 First Kisses" is an emotive anthology showcasing 50 Singaporean couples and their most heart-warming moments, which took place at cherished places in Singapore. The film will take the audience through time, bringing back memories of sentimental moments at iconic landmarks of Singapore in the past, while celebrating the success and modernity of Singapore today.

HomeScapes Photography Exhibition

Five local photographers – Ang Song Nian, Bob Lee, Darren Soh, George Wong and Robert Zhao will present the SG Heart Map HomeScapes Photography Exhibition at the Festival@Float. Led and curated by Gwen Lee, director of the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF), the exhibition presents the theme of home with many untold stories of the common and ordinary in our midst. Narrated through the images captured by the five photographers, these stories range from those of Singaporeans in their living rooms and their display cabinets that express their personal memories and life events, to scenery and façades of flats that illustrate the progress of our living environment, and animals found in our urban landscapes that have co-habited our space for a long time.

Future City Vision Illustration Showcase

SG Heart Map - Future City Vision invited the public to step into an imaginative future of Singapore through the larger-than-life illustrations created by Michael Ng, together with some 100 students. It featured an imaginative vision of Singapore’s future on inflatables and carpentry walls that reach up to 7 metres in height.

Set against the backdrop of Singapore's skyline, Michael’s illustrations create a unique juxtaposition between the current and future cityscape of Singapore. Immerse in a Singapore that is creatively re-engineered and bursting with colours.

Scenes of Our Hearts Showcase

Urban Sketchers Singapore has been mapping our home in Singapore, one sketch at a time. From the quaint streets and alley ways to the everyday city bustle, they capture the poignant perspectives of our Singapore life. Rediscover why we love some of our favourite hang-out spots through these energetic and vibrant sketches done on location by some 400 Singaporeans.

SonicMemories Sound Installation

Created by Zul Mahmod, SonicMemories is a sound installation that features stories and familiar sounds that have been shared through generations. Before the advent of email and social media, the mailbox was key in bringing people together. It connotes hopes, aspirations, love, and relationships, and will always have a special place in our hearts. The juxtaposition of curated sounds and the interplay with the mailbox will bring to you an artistic yet playful way to share our cherished stories.

SG Heart Map Experience

"A Beautiful Day" by William Chan is a documentation of Singapore from dawn to night. Featuring the 50 SG Heart Map places, it brings visitors on a visual journey of these places that trace the progress of the Singapore story. Home is where the Heart is. Experience a living tapestry of our shared moments and memories contributed by Singaporeans.