Tre Ver showflat to be off site. By UOL

The Tre Ver will be produced by UOL. The Tre Ver condominium and PThe Tre Ver Showflat is situated along Potong Pasir Ave 1 , which is about simply strolling separations to Potong Pasir MRT Station .

The Tre Ver condo, beforehand named as Raintree , is a Former HUDC bequest at Potong Pasir is third aggregate deal this year; delicate was fervently Lee Xin En The unobtrusive rebound of aggregate deals has stayed aware of the offer of Raintree Gardens in Potong Pasir for $334.2 million, after in excess of five engineers offer for the site. Numerous unit proprietors of the 175-unit privatized HUDC bequest will leave with about $1.9 million for each unit, which is a premium of just about 90 for every penny in the course of the last exchange cost of about $1.1 million this year. Following quite a while of relative stagnation in the market, this is the third aggregate deal this year, after the blockbuster $638 million offer of Shunfu Ville in May and the 14-unit offer of Harbor View Gardens in August for $33.25 million. The most recent deal was expedited by land firm JLL.

Visit the Tre Ver showflat to find out more!

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