The Crest by Toyo Ito. Wing Tai condo

The Crest is an extraordinary advancement with ageless outline, and agreeably consolidates engineering with nature personally. It is a mark bit of work of Toyo Ito, one of the world’s most persuasive modelers by and by today.

Encompassing a lake, we make an incredible situation with the skyscraper towers offering breathtaking perspectives while the low-ascent manors interconnect with the water and greenery.

The floor plates are fractal in design as opposed to a straightforward rectilinear box, to catch characteristic assets, for example, light and twist from numerous bearings, and in the meantime to make an assortment of perspectives.

We propose a living domain where nature, for example, greenery and wind can really be felt. By assembling the twofold volume space close to the private doorways, we make a typical lift corridor loaded with light and breeze.

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